Industrial Area Details

SKS Reengus Ext.

Sikar, Rajasthan

  • Name of Park

    SKS Reengus Ext.

  • Industry Type

    Industrial Area

  • Location

    Sikar, Rajasthan

  • Industrial Area Size

    70.32 Hectare

  • Connectivity
  • Air

    Nearest airport is located at a distance of about 50 Km.

  • Rail

    Nearest railway station is at a distance of 5 Km.

  • Road

    Nearest bus stand at a distance of 5 Km.

  • Aerospace

  • Building products

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Food and Agro Products

  • Leather & Leather Products

  • Machinery

  • Metals and Mining

  • Paper & Forest Products

  • Textile, Apparel & Accesssories

  • Tobacco

    • Bank/ATM
    • Concrete roads/ roads
    • Fire detection and Fire fighting
    • Health Care Center
    • Power Supply
    • Restaurant/Canteen
    • Security
    • Water Supply

SKS Reengus an industrial area is located in the Sikar district, Rajasthan. this area is spread over 70.32 hectare. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupation in this district.

Bajra, Wheat, Gram, Barley, Rape & Mustard Groundnut, Pulses and Guar are the major crops of the Sikar District.

Infrastructure: Roads, Railways, Streetlights, Banks, Health Care Services,

Forest Product: The principal forest products of the district are grasses, honey, bamboo and firewood.

Major Exportable Items: Synthetic blended yarns. Growth Trend Rajasthan Spinning & Weaving mills is growing in synthetic blended yarns. 

Potentials for new MSMEs:  1. Cattle feed 2. Granite tiles 3. Mineral Grinding 4. Tie & Dye 5. Lather Industries